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Tattoo Preparation

Before being tattooed, it is important to understand that we take hygiene very seriously here at Angel Tattoo. We are strictly compliant with all local authority hygiene laws, and we practice hygiene well above these standards in accordance with the most up to date, and leading hygiene standards practiced throughout the tattoo industry. All of our artists are certified in hygiene laws and only use single-use disposal equipment.

After Your Tattoo Session

3 hours after the tattoo, remove the plastic film, lather with soap by hand under hot water (DO NOT use a washcloth), then rinse with cold water. Dab the tattoo gently with a Kleenex to dry (DO NOT use a towel), apply the healing ointment, cover with a Kleenex (tape the kleenex/kitchen paper to the skin surrounding the tattoo, do not tape over the tattoo directly.)

For the first 4 nights, the Kleenex will be removed and replaced with plastic film after soaping the tattoo with the coldest water possible. Before going to bed on the first night, remove the kitchen paper, wash the tattoo with soap and cold water, then place cling film over the tattoo.

In the morning, remove the cling film, wash with cold water and soap and replace with kitchen paper. Wash and replace 4 times during the day then repeat plastic film process overnight. Do this for 4 days in total. After this day you need to apply tattoo cream during the day and keep it clean for up to 2 weeks.

The following days

Soap the tattoo (by hand) every morning after removing the plastic film (4 mornings), apply the healing cream after wiping the tattoo, it must always remain bold and for a minimum of one week!

At home, leave it in the open (unless you have animals), the rest of the time protect with a kleenex (no sopalin or compresses) After stopping the plastic film, you are no longer obliged to cover the tattoo at night, possibly a kleenex can be used (no dressing). If the kleenex adheres to the tattoo, apply water, wait a few minutes, it will melt, wipe by tapping with another Kleenex.

What to expect

You may experience mild redness, slight soreness to touch, and heat from the skin as it heals. If you follow the healing instructions the tattoo will heal without marks, discolouration, and will remain bright and colorful. It will take up to 4 weeks to fully heal and the skin to regrow. Keep the tattoo away from direct sunlight whilst healing, and always use sunscreen when in direct sunlight after the healing process.

Piercing & Hygiene

The care to be provided after completion of a piercing act must begin the same day. Many infectious complications can be avoided if this care is properly performed.

General recommendations

  • Always avoid touching the piercing or the area where the piercing with the hands was practiced.
  • Always wash your hands before cleaning the area.
  • Tight clothing should be avoided when exerting pressure or friction on the area of ​​the gesture, as it can promote the development of infectious complications.
  • Some locations of the piercing are an exception to this rule: in the case of Teton piercings and genitals, wearing a bra or underpants is recommended.
  • Depending on their location, the piercing may concern only the skin (arch, ear, nose or navel), the mucous membranes (tongue, genitals) or both with a cutaneous face and a mucous surface (lips and some piercing of the genitals) .
  • Whatever its location, the piercing must be cleaned at least twice a day from the day of the pose and for 2 good weeks.
  • Procedures of care for eyebrow, ear, nose, navel:

    For the piercings of the skin, the recommended procedure is the following: The gesture must be soft and non-traumatic, It is necessary to clean the piercing by eliminating the dry residues and agglutinated around the orifice, with the warm water and the soap PH neutral.

    Soap around the piercing without moving it and rinse the soap with warm water. Dry with a non-woven compress or a Kleenex (no bath towel). Warm water softens dry residues which can be removed without rubbing and therefore without local trauma. Rinsing is important and can be performed with sterile saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride solution), packaged in ampoules of 10 or 20 ml, or in bottles of 125 and 250 ml.

    Drying is very important because it prevents any maceration of the wound promoting infection.
    Clean your piercing twice a day for two weeks.

    Procedures of care for lips & tongue:

    For the cutaneous face of the piercing, the treatments described above apply in the same way. For the mucous part of the lip piercing and for the tongue, alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwashes should be performed 2 times a day and after each meal for about 7 days. You must respect the dilution conditions of your mouthwash.

    Procedures of care for genital piercing:

    The care of the cutaneous face of the piercing applies in the same way as above, but for the mucous part of the piercing, one will use a soap for gynecological use. It is essential to rinse well (with sterile saline or clean water) and to dry the piercing after the treatment. A duration of use of care of 10 to 15 days is recommended.

    In all cases of piercing:

    It is advisable to abstain from oral contact (piercing of the tongue), oro-genital and sexual (piercing of tongue and genital piercing) during 3 weeks at least after realization of the piercing.

    Sexual intercourse must be protected (condom) until complete healing of a genital piercing. It is necessary to avoid traumatizing the site of the piercing by friction of too tight clothes during the duration of the cicatrisation. However, in the case of nipple and genital piercing, the wearing of a bra and an undergarment is recommended for the same reasons.

    Time to heal, infectious complications and healing abnormalities

    It is normal for the immediate and surrounding area to become sore, red, and sometimes swollen. This is the bodies natural reaction. These symptoms will usually disappear in about 7 to 10 days.

    Depending on the location of the of the piercing, full healing can take a varied amount of time. The more sensitive the area, the longer you can expect it to take for the piercing to fully heal. Throughout the healing process it is essential that you prevent the risk of any complications such as infections. This includes following the after care instructions and keeping the area clean, and not exposed to unhygienic conditions.

    If you are concerned about the healing of your piercing, please come and see us. We will be happy to check the piercing for you. Your overall health can also determine the length of the the healing process.

    The healing time of a piercing can range from a few weeks to a few months. Earlobes can take less than 4 weeks, the tongue 3 to 6 weeks. The piercing of cartilage in the ear or the nose heals in about 6 to 12 weeks, nipples in 2 to 6 months, as with genital piercings.

    The healing of the belly button is usually longer, often delayed by the friction of clothing, and often takes 6 to 12 months. The studio is equipped with ionizers in each workpiece, which covers more than the total area of ​​the work surfaces and thus ensure the destruction of all bacteria in the air.

    Whilst this is not common, if you experience any adverse reactions, or experience unbearable pain, contact a doctor immediately. Again, this is extremely rare and you should not expect this to be an issue for you.


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